Dirty Laundry? Let Us Lighten Your Load!

How It Works

Conveniently schedule your laundry pickup online


Collect your dirty laundry and place in laundry bag or trash bag.


Place bags at your doorstep for pickup (option to hand to driver).


Our driver will pick up laundry as scheduled.


Fresh, clean, and neatly folded or hung clothes delivered back to your doorstep within 48 hours.

About Us

This is our story

At the core of our service is a story rooted in passion and appreciation for clean, well-cared-for clothes. As a mom who understands the demands of busy family life, I’ve turned my domesticated joy into a pickup and delivery business dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality laundry care. My passion for laundry, grown through the highs and lows of motherhood, taught me the comfort of clean clothes. Even in the chaos, folding laundry transformed into moments of serenity. This realization paved the way for our laundry pickup and delivery service.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly book your preferred pickup time, choose your laundry preferences, and track order status - all at the touch of a button. Built on the belief that laundry should be a source of joy, Derby City Sud House not only lightens the load but shares the love and care families invest in their clothes.

We appreciate your support of our small business!

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Customers Love Using our Service

Here are some of our 5-star reviews!

I had the pleasure of having my laundry serviced this past weekend by Derby City Sud House. Everything from pickup to delivery and ordering on the app was quick and easy. My laundry was folded to perfection. My socks were banded together which Ive never seen done before. Everything was so neat I didn’t want to disturb it. I can tell by the way everything was folded that pride is put into every order. I will be a repeat customer.
Terri J.
I tried Derby City Sud House for the first time Monday. The prices were amazingly affordable and the service was exceptionable. Their pick up and return was timely as promised. I highly recommend Derby City Sud House for the working person and new parents for their laundry needs!
Dianne C.
I was having my laundry room redone and was without a washer and dryer. I decided to try Derby City Sud House. What a great experience! My clothes were picked up and returned as promised. The next part of the experience was opening the nice Derby City Sud House bag to clothes and sheets that were perfectly pressed and folded with all of the socks matched and wrapped! I kind of hated to mess them up! I would definitely use again! If you are not in their zip code area reach out to them!
Linda L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest. Please reach out to us at 502-541-0873 or support@derbycitysudhouse.com with any additional questions or concerns.

Are there items that Derby City Sud House doesn't clean?

At this time, we cannot accept the following items for cleaning: pillows, curtains, commercial linens, sofa covers, rugs, and sleeping bags. We cannot accept items that have been contaminated as they pose a risk to our team and the items of other customers cleaned in the same facility. We cannot accept items contaminated with: bodily fluids from a human or pet, excessive pet hair, moisture (items that are damp or mildewed), bedbugs, poison ivy or poison oak oils, and hazardous chemical residue. We also cannot accept specialty care clothing items. These clothing items require specialty care that falls outside of our area of expertise. These items include: wedding dresses,vintage clothes, costumes, hats/headwear, fur & animal products (feathers, fur coats), and purses/handbags.

Do I need to weigh my order before Derby City Sud House picks it up?

No worries, that's on us. For those seeking an estimate, you can use your scale to weigh yourself and then compare it while holding the laundry. The weight of your clothes is determined after they've been washed and dried, using our certified trade scale.

How do I place an order?

Simply click the book online button, sign up, and click on order. Our intuitive booking tool will guide you through completing and placing an order.

How much are the Derby City Sud House reusable laundry bags?

At checkout, you will have the option to purchase a $10.00 Derby City Sud House reusable laundry bag. These heavy duty, water-resistant laundry bags can hold 40 lbs. of laundry and are convenient for transporting your clothing.

How will I pay for my service?

The card used to set up your order will be charged when order status is moved to complete. No cash payments will be accepted. You will be emailed a receipt with each transaction.

Is there an extra charge for delivery?

No, delivery is absolutely free! We believe in providing convenient and cost-effective laundry solutions to our customers.

What detergent do you use?

Included in your service is the option of Tide Original scent or Tide Free and Gentle. Infant clothing is washed with Dreft Stage 1 detergent. You are also able to send in your own detergent.

What happens if my credit card is expired or declines?

Your credit card is charged once your order is complete. If the credit card is declined (expired, lost, account closed or insufficient funds), your order does not get moved to the delivery phase. You can update your payment info by accessing your account or calling us. Once your payment has been received, your order will be delivered within 24 hours.

What if I am away from home when you pick up or deliver my order?

Simply put your laundry in a place where we can access it (ex. front or back porch) and let us know in the order notes. Our delivery driver will pick up your order from your specified location. Our driver will also deliver back to specified location for orders delivered when you are away from home. You will also receive notification that your order has been picked up and delivered for extra peace of mind.

What is Sud House Hat Rehab?

Sud House Hat Rehab is our specialized hat dry cleaning service, designed to give your beloved hats the royal treatment they deserve. Whether your hat is a treasured keepsake or a daily essential, we work diligently to revive it to its original glory. Say goodbye to stains, dust, and wear and tear.

What is the Louise’s Love Uniform Bundle Deal?

Louise’s Love Uniform Bundle Deal is a special treat for busy families. Send your kids off to school with your love and a freshly laundered and pressed uniform every day of the week, just like grandma used to do. Your children will look forward to the surprise affirmation in each day’s pocket and complimentary light stain treatment is included. A bundle includes: 5 polo or oxford shirts, 1 sweater, blazer, or sweatshirt, and your choice of 5 of the following: pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Save even more on the Louise’s Love Uniform Bundle Deal by signing up for repeat pickup. Each repeat pickup bundle will be discounted to $20.00 per bundle.

What is the turnaround time?

Within two days, your freshly cleaned garments will be returned to your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed.

Where will you put my hanging items if I'm away from home when you deliver my order?

If you've got a wreath hanger on your front door, we'll hang your garments there; if not, we'll gently drape your hanging items over your folded clothes, all of which will be kept safe in plastic garment bags. If you'd like us to supply a door hanger, just request one in the order notes, and we'll bring one when we pick up your laundry.

Will my clothes be washed with other people’s clothes?

No. We never wash or dry your items with anyone else’s.